Bachelor of Science (BS) in Diagnostic Imaging Introduction

The Lincoln University studies in Diagnostic Imaging (DI) with concentrations in Sonography and Echocardiography are dedicated to provide high-quality education and training that leads to employment as a competent, ethical health care professional, and results in the Bachelor of Science Degree. The programs emphasize the necessity of professional development and life-long learning. They include academic activities and externships that enable graduates to develop a knowledge base for the use of diagnostic ultrasound imaging and echocardiography equipment for testing of the human body. They also provide students with the knowledge of clinical skills, problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills.

Sonography and Echocardiography technology are rapidly expanding allied health fields where the needs for professionals continue. Graduates have opportunities for employment in: hospitals, clinics, physician's offices, mobile services, research; and also as managers/owners of private DI offices; and marketers or administrators of sales and product development for equipment manufacturers.